MRI Safety

Students that are pursuing a career in Radiography/MRI must be fully aware that MRI machines generate a very strong magnetic field within and surrounding the MR scanner.  The magnetic field is ALWAYS on.  Students while at one of our clinical sites must comply with that institution’s policies and procedures for safe operation.  Carrying ferromagnetic articles or introducing them to the MRI scanning area is strictly prohibited.  These objects can become projectiles within the scanning room causing serious injury or death and/or equipment failure.

Items that need to be removed are:

  • Purse, wallet, money clip, credit cards or other cards with magnetic strips
  • Electronic devices
  • Hearing Aids
  • Metallic jewelry, watcher
  • Pens, paperclips, keys, nail clippers, coins, pocket knives
  • Hair barrettes, hairpins
  • Any article of clothing that has a metallic zipper, buttons, snaps, hooks or under-wires
  • Shoes, belt buckles, safety pins

Crown Point

All students will complete a class in MRI safety during the orientation sessions to the program conducted in RAD 168-Clinical Education I.  As a student in the Department of Radiologic Technology at the University of Saint Francis, you will be asked to complete this confidential screening to determine if you are able to participate in this portion of clinical education.  A history of any surgical procedures that entails implanted electronic device(s), or any implant within/on your body you were not naturally born with?  Examples:  joint, pin, screw, plate, rod, cage wire, lens implant, penile implant, IUD, staple, mesh, bullet, BB, shrapnel may prevent you from being assigned to this rotation.

Students who are unable to enter the MRI scanning room will have an alternative clinical experience assigned.  Please answer these questions carefully and let the clinical coordinator know if you have any questions or concerns.