Mammography Policy Statement

The following is the Program’s clarification of educational practices surrounding the didactic and clinical instruction of breast imaging.  In doing so, this represents no change or revision to our current method of delivery. It should also be noted that mammography is not a required competency for certification in radiography, nor is it required in the Program’s accepted curriculum model or the curriculum grid analysis of the Program’s accrediting body.

Breast Imaging will be taught in the Radiologic Technology program’s curriculum in the second fall semester in RAD 265 – Advanced and Therapeutic Modalities.  All enrolled students, male and female, will receive a reading assignment, lecture instruction as well as a clinical laboratory demonstration of equipment and general procedure.  Each student must complete a clinical checklist during the second year of the program.

In the clinical setting, mammography will not be a required rotation of any student.  All students are eligible for an elective rotation the last summer session providing they have accomplished identified goals of the program’s clinical competency program.  During the elective rotation, students may choose the area for the rotation and are required to secure the site for the experience, as well as, providing the Clinical Coordinator with the identified information.  The Clinical Coordinator will communicate with the site in regards to expectations and evaluation of this experience.   Students do not assist in, or perform any aspects of patient care if this is an observational site.