Clinical Requirements

To be eligible to enroll in RAD 168 Clinical Education I in the fall semester, you must meet and document the requirements listed below by July 1. If you do not document these requirements by July 1, you will be withdrawn from Radiologic Technology program courses.

  • Complete a physical examination dated within one year of entry into the clinical sequence courses.
  • Submit an immunization record that includes: a tetanus/diphtheria inoculation within the last 10 years, a completed polio series, rubella vaccine/immunity and documentation of two live measles vaccines.
  • Provide the receipt of a TB test completed within the last year. This must be repeated annually.
  • Complete a series of Hepatitis B vaccinations. This series must at least be started prior to the first clinical course.
  • Obtain CPR certification by the start of the program. This certification must be maintained throughout enrollment in clinical courses.
  • Complete the following background checks on an annual basis:
    • Criminal background
    • Driving history
    • Office of Inspector General (OIG)
  • Submit drug test results.
  • Complete orientations for any assigned clinical site.

You should understand that the affiliating agencies may withhold clinical experiences if you possess the following records:

  • Positive drug screen
  • Crimes against the person, such as battery or assault
  • Crimes based on dishonesty or untruthfulness, such as theft or embezzlement
  • Crimes related to drug and other substance abuse
  • History of recent DUI or other driving violations or penalties

Without clinical experiences, you cannot complete all aspects of the Radiologic Technology program and will be dismissed.