Change of Program

If you are currently enrolled at the University of Saint Francis and would like to request admission to the Radiologic Technology program, you should complete and submit the Request for Admission to the Radiologic Technology Program application form. To obtain a copy of this form, please visit the Department of Radiologic Technology office. A checklist is available to ensure that you have all of the necessary information to complete your file that will go to the Radiologic Technology Admissions Committee. You should keep the checklist in your file.

Once the file is complete:

  • The admissions committee will review the request along with all pertinent material at its next scheduled meeting. You must meet all admission criteria to be considered for admission to the Radiologic Technology program.
  • The admissions committee will send you notification of acceptance or denial.
  • If you are denied acceptance but then improve your academic record, you may resubmit your application one time only.
  • If you are admitted, the chair of the Department of Radiologic Technology will complete a Change of Status Form and send it to the registrar to change your program classification.
  • At the admission committee’s discretion, your files may be held until the current semester’s grades are available for review prior to a decision being made.